Pavas name has been synonymous with Belly Dance for 30 years. She has taught, performed, and held workshops throughout the Midwest. Pava's love for dance began as a toddler being surrounded with dance and music her entire life with her mother, Stanika, being a folk dancer and her father, Nicholas, having a Serbian Tamburitzan Band. Through her youth and adult years, Pava trained and taught all forms of various dance from ballet, tap, point, jazz, tumbling, Hawaiian, Tahitian and Gypsy Flamenco.

Pavas belly dance career began in 1973 with Charmaine in Chicago. She studied extensively in San Francisco in the late seventies. Through the years, Pava was trained by some of the finest internationally known dancers and choreographers in the US and the Middle East such as Cassandra, Bert Balladine, Mary Ellen Donald, Jamila Salimpour, Morocco, Aisha Ali, Mahmoud Reda, Momo Kadous, Horacio, Nourhan Sharif, and many more inspiring performers.

Pava Productions was founded in the late seventies and to date has over 50 students and three performing dance troupesPavas Gems, The Caravan Dancers, and The Habibi Dancers. She has provided a wealth of knowledge that she has shared with her students over the years.

Pava was the first in the Midwest to provide a "Bellygram" service for birthdays and special occasions. Pava's "signature dance" was performing with two scimitars while standing on stemmed glasses at many local clubs and restaurants regularly in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Pava and Jameel were the first Middle Eastern dance couple to perform regularly in the Midwest beginning in the early 80s.

Andreana and Pava also teach folk dances from The Balkans and are the directors for the All Saints Greek Orthodox Folk Dance Troupe. Besides holding an annual dinner/show/hafla, Pava Productions perform regularly at various public functions such as The Olde English Faire. She also provides a variety of goodies for dancers in her Treasures & More Boutique. Pavas a firm believer of offering her talent to many fundraisers to give back to the community that has openly embraced the art of Middle Eastern dance.

Pava continues to broaden her horizons to this day attending various workshops. She attributes her longevity to good genes, never compromising her principles and remembering her roots. Pava has such a wonderful sense of humor and wisdom. A positive attitude and openness to try new forms of the dance, always keeps her performances fresh, exhilarating and most of all entertaining. Pava's belief is that belly dance can heal your mind, body and spirit. Belly dance will always keep Pava energetic and young at heart.

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