Classes are held at Pava Productions Studio in Peoria County just off I-474, on a weekly basis in our large, carpeted, and mirrored studio and are on-going.

Group bellydance classes, private lessons & seminars are taught by Pava.

Styles of dance forms available include:

  • Raqs Sharqi (Classical Egyptian)
  • Indo-Arabic (Bollywood style)
  • Egyptian Pop
  • Franco-Arabic
  • American Cabaret
  • Greek Folk Dance
  • American & Urban Tribal Style
  • Khaleegy (Saudi)
  • Turkish Gypsy/Karsilama
  • Single/Double Veil
  • Lebanese Folk & Cabaret

    Percussion instruments and props include:

  • Tabla/Doumbek
  • Candles/Pots
  • Zills
  • Tambourine
  • Raks Assaya (Cane)
  • Sword Balancing


    Form fitting clothes that would be acceptable in an exercise class.

    No baggy clothing, jeans, big T-shirts, or clothes that are restrictive to your ability to stretch and move freely. Some wear yoga pants and a tank top or sports bra. A hip scarf is helpful to tie around your hips for definition. While you are not required to show your belly, remember that the more I can see, the more I can help you. If you have belly dance garb already, please wear it, as this helps you get into "dancer-mode". Bare feet are preferable. A variety of costume supplies may be purchased at our boutique,

    "Treasures & More" Gift certificates are available.

    Let us make your wish come true!


    Please be on time. Being late is disruptive to the class.

    Payment for class is due before the class begins.

    No one is permitted to sit in and observe a class, as this is distracting to those who have paid to attend and makes those trying to learn uncomfortable. Fees are non-refundable.

    Student rehearsals are classes; therefore, all class policies apply.

  • Miramar wrote a nice article on class Etiquette. Please read it here.

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