Over 30 Years Experience

Pava Productions was founded in the late seventies and to date has over 50 students and three performing dance troupes, Pavas Gems, The Caravan Dancers, and The Habibi Dancers. Pava and Andreana have provided a wealth of knowledge to their students over the years.

Pava Productions perform colorful dances and lively choreographies. Their repertoire includes authentic, inspired, and fantasy versions of heartfelt spirited dances from Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, The Balkans and Gypsy cultures from India to Spain.

First and foremost, their mission is to have fun and learn through an activity, that is both mentally, and physically challenging. Next, and equally important, is to create a unique presentation that is enlightening and educational as well as entertaining for the whole family. Pava states, "Belly Dance is the perfect blend of body, mind, and spirit. We dance from our hearts, and follow our dreams and visions."
PAVA PRODUCTIONS - pavaproductions@yahoo.com
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